Hey, Bride!

We've put together a guide for everything you need to know for your big day planning including engagement session tips, and timeline guidance so you can have a stress free day. Also some vendor referrals for your hard choices!


Consider this your welcome guide to your ofig experience!

We are so excited to be working with you and can't wait to get to know you better! We know photography is one of the larger investments you're making for your wedding day and we're so honored you chose to work with us! Just as we can't wait to get to know you better, Im sure you are too! So, here's a little about your photographers!

Katie & Jamie Lynn

Katie & I have been best friends for 20 years now! Although we were kind of forced to be, we're sisters! When I was 16 years old, Katie offered me to help her shoot a friends wedding. We got a lot of compliments on how we bounced each others ideas, more friends asked for us, and the rest was history! Since then, Katie has become an NP & a Momma, and I was upgraded to take care of the business full time. We will forever be this little wedding team together!

Engagement Session

We have created an entire page dedicated to outfit tips, location ideas, timing considerations, and more! CLICK THE LINK BELOW!


Over the years, we have learned how important quality vendors play in creating a stress-free wedding day. We have worked with so many vendors below and we can't recommend them enough! This is not a paid list, we chose these vendors because of their quality work and professionalism on the actual wedding day

Wedding Planners

  • Lampert Wedding and Event Planning
  • Southern Celebrations
  • Kelley James Events

Floral Designers

  • Ivy Trellis
  • Welbourne's
  • Smith & Co. Designs


  • Olive & Fig Productions *we do have a package for photography & videography
  • Diverse Media


  • Moonlite Barbecue
  • Old Hickory
  • Real Hacienda


  • Sydni's Delights


  • DJ Shay
  • Chad Day

Hair & Makeup

  • C Leigh C Salon
  • Taylor Kratzer
  • Rachel Farmer

Wedding Dress

  • House of White Bridal Boutique
  • Ella Park Bridal

Is a First Look Right for you?

If your wondering whether a first look is right for you, stop here!

The moment the Bride and Groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day is magical. And this is whether the couple chooses to wait until the Bride walks down the aisle or chooses a "first look" prior to the ceremony.

A First Look serves as a private moment the couple gets to spend together prior to the wedding ceremony. First looks have become popular over the years, in fact over half of our couples this year chose a first look. During the first look, it is just the Bride, Groom, and photographers. A first look is much more intimate because there is only us and you guys.

While we consider ourselves to be traditional people, there are definitely a few good reasons to consider a first look.

  1. A First look cuts through the coast of the day. Once the ceremony begins, the day takes off quickly. A first look is an opportunity to enjoy quiet time alone, enjoy each other's company, and reflect on all this day means before your day takes off.
  2. It makes more time for pictures without sacrificing cocktail hour. When there is no first look, majority of your photos are taken after the ceremony, which tends to cut into cocktail hour time. A first look opens up more opportunity to get all but the family portraits completed prior to the ceremony. This way the bride and groom feel less rushed. Don't worry, if you plan on doing a first look, we will pull out the Bride and Groom during sunset for a few photos, so you won't miss the golden hour!
  3. Avoid possible bad weather. If there is a possibility for bad weather, a first look gives more time to find options for pictures.

Going traditional instead? That's perfectly fine! This day is about you!

Wedding Day Timeline

Whether you are planning a first look, or going traditional, we have tips to help make planning your timeline as easy as possible!

If you choose traditional style, you'll need two different sets of photo times: images taken prior to the ceremony and images taken after ceremony.

You will need to plan about one hour of pre-ceremony bridal photos (bridesmaids and bride's family) and about one hour of pre-ceremony groom photos (groomsmen and groom's family) at separate times. You will also need 15 minutes of combined bridal party portraits, 15 minutes of combined family portraits, and at least 30 minutes of couple's portraits after the ceremony if you are not doing a first look.

If you are doing a first look, photos can be done all at one time, taking an average of two hours pre-ceremony. We also LOVE To grab the Bride and Groom for a few additional bride and groom photos at sunset!

If you choose a traditional aisle reveal, we ask that you keep your ceremony time in mind when planning. If you are planning a sunset ceremony or an evening ceremony, it's best to do all photos before the wedding, as daylight is crucial to getting amazing portraits for your families, bridal party, and couples portraits.

Prior to your wedding day, we will sit down with you to finalize your wedding timeline so that it is perfect! Your timeline serves as a guide for your day, not a bible. While we like to stick to the times on the schedule, we don't live by it and understand things happen, and groomsmen are always late!

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "wedding questionnaire" to fill out before our timeline meeting!

Wedding Day Details


The shoes, rings, invitation, and bouquet

We love capturing all the little details you have chosen for your special day! Once we arrive to your wedding, we need about 30 minutes to capture and style details. We recommend choosing a getting ready location filled with natural lighting and, if possible, please keep the space free from trash and clutter.
It would be wonderful if you could put up all your rings, jewelry, shoes, veil purse, perfume, invitations, and other keepsakes together in one spot for us.


Ah yes, it's finally time to party! We do require a meal if we are attending your wedding for six hours or more! Don't worry, we eat quickly! During your reception we are walking around and snapping some photographs of you and all your friends and family getting your groove thing on! The reception usually starts with the first dances, Bride and Groom, Bride and father, Groom and mother, followed by cake cutting and toasts. During your reception, if it is inside a dark building, we do ask that the lights are left on dim at least for the cake cutting, you can turn them off once the dance floor opens!

When do we leave? We love to dance, and would dance all night with you if we could, however no one really wants photographs of themselves after a few too many. We always plan to stay for the main reception parts such as cake cutting and bouquet toss, however we plan for about 30 minutes of pure dancing photographs. Want us to stay longer? Let us know what you have in mind!

Additional Tips

  1. If your wedding is in the summer months, remember to hydrate and eat small snacks before portrait time to avoid feeling sick or passing out!
  2. Make sure your bouquet is delivered in adequate time for detail shots and your first look. Flowers are often delivered in water, so don't forget the paper towels!
  3. Ring Cleaning-best to get done at least a week prior to the wedding
  4. If you are planning a first look with a parent, make sure they are fully dressed and ready!
  5. If your reception is at a separate venue, add "fluff time" so that we can run to the venue to capture it while it is "untouched" by the guests.
  6. We always recommend 30 minutes of rest prior to the ceremony. It is a big day, and you need some breathing time built into your schedule! This is a great time for makeup touchups and time for the photographers to get set up and refreshed.
  7. To help family portraits go smoothly, we suggest having a breakdown of what portraits you would like and have copies to give to family members on both sides. Also give both sides of the family an input on what photographs they would like.
  8. During the cocktail hour, we become your personal paparazzi, just wave us down if you see someone you want a photo with!

Below is the wedding questionnaire! We ask that you fill this out prior to our timeline meeting to make things a little smoother!