Your Engagement Session!

We are so excited to be working with you and can't wait for our time together during your session! We are big fans of engagement sessions, and here's why.

It takes some time for couples to get warmed up to being in front of the camera and understanding how we pose. You can consider it as your test run in a more relaxed setting for the big day. This is a time to get to know the two of you in a casual setting. In this guide we will cover outfit recommendations, location recommendations, and lighting.

Dress it Up or Down!

Its totally up to you to wear what you feel most comfortable in! With an hour session, we recommend bringing a variety of outfits. One dressy & classy, and one cool & casual!

What To Wear

The Guys

We get it. Having your pictures taken for an hour is not on your top-10 favorite things to do. And at first you may feel awkward being in front of the camera. But we think by the end of your session, it's a lot easier than you think, and sort of fun! (you get to kiss your girl A LOT). For guys we recommend either going all out with a suite and tie (if your that kind of guy) or slacks with a polo. If your more of a boots wearing guy, find something that shows your personality, as long as it's okay with your bride! The favorite outfits should be worn last!

The Girls

It's your time to shine, so put on the lipstick and fake lashes and the highest heels you have in your closet. Just kidding, but really if you wear heels bring a spare to change into for walking! We recommend finding that dress that showcases your figure and bringing a casual outfit as well to show your personality. You know that red dress you've had in your closet for months because you bought it thinking there would be a special occasion you could wear it to. THIS. IS. THAT. TIME. Colors wise, consider your skin tone when picking outfits. Neon colors tend to wash out skin tones, pastels are the best! Soft blues, greens, whites, browns, etc.



The best locations are ones that have meaning.

Things to think about:

Where do we go most often?

Where did we meet/ Have our First date?

What is a place that means the most to us & basically describes us as a couple?

We love when couples choose a location that has special meaning to them. However, if you don't think those places will have a great background for photos, choose something that best fits your wedding! For example, if you're planning an elegant wedding, it may be fitting to take your pictures downtown. If you're planning a more rustic wedding, maybe a barn background or flower field is more fitting for you. Always keep the seasons in mind for flowers! We are always ready for anything, you want engagement pictures on the ski slopes, you've got it! Drinking champagne in a cow field, we are there! There are many locations around town that we enjoy shooting at, but are always open to new suggestions that will fit you the best!

When I say we are open to anything, I literally mean any wild idea! We've have shot in a Home, Hotel, Coffee Shop, & plenty of other unique places! As im writing this, I also just booked myself a flight to North Carolina for an engagement session for one of our couples, so REALLY, I am so down with your ideas!! Just talk to me and knowing me I will probably pitch in ideas to make it even more epic!!

Timing & Seasons

Depending on location, the best time is up to one-two hours before sunset, that way we are in the Golden Hour! During the winter months this could be as early as 2:30 PM so it is important to keep that in mind. We are open to shooting at all hours of the day, these are just the hours we recommend. Can't do sunset, sunrise is also beautiful!

The next step is to decide what season you would like your engagement photos taken in. Some of our packages offer two sessions which means you get two seasons! Lavender fields and sunflowers only bloom one month out of the year, so it would be important to make sure you would be available those months! Snow engagement sessions are always so dreamy, however with this Kentucky weather, we never know if we will get any snow at all! So it's always good to have a back up!