Last year, Jamie & I (Katie) wanted to do something to give back to our community. To use our business to help someone or some place in need. That is when we formed the Love of Dogs Benefit event. A free photo session with your pups to donate to the Owensboro Humane Society.

We love dogs. As a child I always had a dog. Before Jamie's time, I had a dog named Casper. He was born near the time I was, he was my protector, my best friend, and he was spitting image of the dog on Marley and Me. He met me every day to get off the bus and walked me back to the house. He taught me what love was, the type between a dog and a human. To this day I have always had a dog because the love they give is undeniable. They are always happy to see you, always willing for a belly rub, and make your bad days good.

Pictured is my pup, Kiah. She might be a little spoiled. (ok a lot of bit)

For our 2019 benefit, we dropped off a ton of supplies and an envelope of money and the workers literally cried because they really needed it.

This year, even in the rain, we had such a great turn out! We raised nearly $800 and an SUV load of supplies to donate.

We have decided that this will be a yearly event for us, around the same time every year to donate to local shelters around us, who knows maybe next year we can donate to TWO! Here's a few photos from our dog event!

Huge thanks to our 2020 Love of Dog Event sponsors!

Reid's Orchard

Bozz's Excavating

Paw's Town LLC

Mill's Electrical Services

A Little Sawdust

Big Turkey Foot Coffee Company

KSB Living

S&S Earthscapes and Lazer Engraving

The Bee's Knees Bakery & Goods

Pawsitively Purrfect LLC

Dale's Sawmill Pizza