Hey Girl!

If you're receiving this email, this means you are on our 2022 bride list, so happy almost wedding year to you!!

I wanted to check in with you just to keep in touch and give you a small guide. Below I included a few categories of topics for you to view just of what we need from you, what we want you to know, and overall just a brief check-in as your big day approaches, it will be here before we know it! Anything you have already completed in this, just skip over! I will include a checklist at the bottom so you can know what all you have done to stay organised!

-Jamie Lynn

A Little Update on us...

2021 Wedding season was INSANE! The latest you guys knew, Katie was in NP school and I was in Nursing school! At the beginning of September, we had a huge wave shift, one that turned my life around as Photography became my main focus. When we started this team 5 years ago, we had never expected it to become as large as it is now, and we expanded our business 75% more than last year, (WOO). See, when we began Olive & Fig, it was a way for me as a 16 year old to get to do my favourite thing in the world since I was a 12 year old girl, while grow so much closer with my sister and travel the world, so this ultimately became something I did not want to give up. With us growing so much and going on so many travels, I had to come to a decision of what I wanted to do and decided to jump in full-time with this journey! So Hello, officially a full-time photographer, at your service! Katie had started working her butt off in clinical every.single.day from 5am-8pm with homework while still attending weddings with me every weekend, so excuse her while she's been a little MIA rocking the world with her smart brain. In the meantime, I've been holding the Fall ship with doing sessions every single day since September 16th- November 28th, that including 9 weddings in that time frame, while blowing up Katies phone at least 4 hours of those days. We both have been doing our best to hold a float and try to keep everything updated as much as possible, but have spent most of our time trying to get everything to everyone in timely manner from several points in the country! Now that Katie is graduating THIS WEEKEND in Cincinnati, and we just finished up our last wedding of the year with very minimal near photoshoots, we are ready to spend the next early 2022 months getting everything back in line! This year was a HUGE learning curve for us, and we feel 100% confident to tackle the new year with you all!

First things first... Engagement sessions!

The First Step:

Whether you're planning your first or second engagement, we still want it to be completely unique to your relationship!

If you and your lover like to chill at the house together the most, pull out some comfy clothes and turn on some of your favorite songs or things to do and send me the address! (I like lemonade & hot chocolate to drink lol)

If you both love your dog, bring the pup along! Bring Pa-paw or someone to hold him for your other shots, or we know a gal who can help!!

Whatever it is that you and your soulmate like to do, let that set the mood for your engagement! Just as you plan your wedding on what you both love, your engagement session should be the same! You will love the photos so much more as you feel more comfortable and watch the photos reflect off of you!

No idea sounds weird to me, so shoot them all to me!

Next step... Give us more info as you plan!

at your convenience

The Questionnaire

This questionnaire fills us in for every little detail we would like to know of your big day. We typically need it to create your schedule at least two weeks before your day, so do not rush it!


Closer to your day...


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Making the Schedule

Nearly 2 weeks before your big day, we will get together to create a photo timeline for your big day! This is super important as your hairdresser, wedding planner, and all other vendors run off of this! (Dont worry, we make it for you!
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What we need

Details Checklist

for the day

At the time of you getting ready, this is when we also take your detail shots too! We ask our brides to gather everything they would like in their wedding detail shots and put it all in a box and bring it to the getting ready location so we can have it all ready to go! Anything that is meaningful to your day, throw it in there! If you are unsure, here is a small checklist of some of the traditional things we see, but feel free to add your own unique touches!

That's all!

I hope this helped some of your questions you weren't sure to ask or helped you get a better idea of what you need to do for us! As you know we are very easy going and flexible, and doing these small things ahead of time just help us prepare for your big day so we are not bothering you in the stressful prior weeks! There are going to be a few things you need from me, whether your hairdresser needs an idea of what time to get started, or you're unsure of something to do in your big day and want a second opinion from someone who's attended several weddings, or you need a recommendation or absolutely anything, send me a text or call! I am always available for you no matter how big or small it may be or how far your wedding is, it is never dumb to check in and ask! If you need anything at all, you have my number!! Also you can view the wedding guide at anytime as well, I will include a link at the bottom! I cannot wait for your day! Stay in touch! :)

-Jamie Lynn



To keep up with what you have done already, we will keep it all on file and let you know if we need something else from you!

Nothing has to be done right away, this is just for you to have everything we need in a list! We will help you with absolutely everything on this, just ask whats on your mind! I have all the answers! :)