Ethan & Elise chased the sunset at their wedding venue for their engagement session and it was oh, so cold, I mean wonderful 😂 These two killed it. It was so cute watching them stand on the alter where they will be standing next year and hearing them talk about how amazing it is going to be and how excited they are. Ethan even walked himself down the aisle for a trial run! Ironically, Elise is another one of Katie's friends, and her best friend, Emily, is getting married next year too! How fun to get to wedding plan with your friend! Enjoy Ethan and Elise's Q&A session!

How did you meet?

"We met in the fall of 2015 at Wesleyan, his freshman year and my sophomore year. I (Elise) spotted him in the cafeteria lol..and our mutual friends gave him my snapchat 😂 "

first impressions?

Elise: "When I first saw E, tbh it was the grey sweatpants and the backwards hat for me. But on a serious note, I thought he was too good to be true, literally my dream guy.

Ethan: "I just knew you were the one"

Favorite date?

Elise: "My favorite dates have been the couple times we have gotten icee's and candy from the gas station, made a pallet in the living room floor, and watched old movies!

Ethan: "Our anniversary trip to Bardstown to go to Bourbon Distilleries"

How did he propose?

Ethan proposed the summer he graduated from Wesleyan. He told me (Elise) we were going out to eat with Emily and Jesse, but first he had to drop off his jerseys to his baseball coach at Wesleyan. There's a place called the grove on campus across from the baseball field where he lied and said there was a plaque for his graduating class and his mom wanted a pic of it. So we got out to look for it, and in one of the flower beds was the ring. I immediately started ugly crying, and then out walked both of our families from behind a row of trees. It was so special and there was so much thought put into it. He had Emily and Jesse capture it with some great pics too. Smart man.

What do you look forward to most after your married?

Elise: "Honestly, going through so many changes together. We met when we were 18 and 19, and it's been so interesting to change along side him and pretty much grow up together these last 5 years"

Ethan: "Gotta be spending the rest of my life with you"