What should we wear? Where should we go?

The number one question we get asked almost every day. And it is SUCH AN IMPORTANT QUESTION! What you wear to your engagement shoot sets the mood for all of your photos, so we decided to give you guys a few tips!

1st, start with the location. Choose somewhere that describes the both you of you. Whether it's where you first met, or something that interests both of you. Your engagement should also sort of match your wedding theme. For example, if you are having an elegant city themed wedding, maybe a country barn engagement session is not for you. We are completely ready for any ideas you have or anywhere you want to go. You want pictures in a lake, sure! I'll bring the towels. You want to take pictures on top of a mountain, I'll bring the snacks and my hiking boots. The location is so important, don't settle for normal, be extraordinary! I mean if you want just greens and a lake, I am totally down for that too. Have a family spot you want to use? Even better!

2nd, think of your location setting and the weather. If it's super hot outside, you might want to consider a sundress or a skirt. Pair a cute sundress with a hat and you have a Nicholas Sparks theme! If it's winter, maybe more sweaters or jackets. Bring your caps and mitts, they make for a cute photo as well! We allow two outfits with each engagement shoot, so switch it up! Wear a fancy outfit for one, and a casual for the other, it's up to you! We recommend wearing the fancy outfit first (such as a dress and a suite or pollo) and the more casual outfit second. (If wanting photos in a sunflower field, stay away from the yellows and blacks, stick more with browns, whites, blues, corals)

3rd, colors. Is it fall, is it summer, spring, or winter? PASTELS is your answer for that question. You can never go wrong with pastel colors. Mustard yellow, baby blue, brown, white, baby pink, green, etc. If you want to switch it up a bit, have one of you wear a pattern, only one though. Usually, the guys wear the pattern. Most importantly, wear the color that you feel the best in, you know everyone has a color. Dark greens and reds are always a go to for most people for winter sessions, try and go for a darker red color if possible, bright red really pops in photos and everyone might forget your spouse is even in the pictures with you.

4th, accessories! Clean that ring girl! Find grandmas quilt from the attic and pair it with your outfit for super cute and sentimental sitting down/laying down poses. Don't have a quilt? Don't worry we have you covered (did you catch that pun).

5th, dogs! Our true loves. Bring the doggos for your shoot! And don't forget the treats! We do recommend for family to come along with you to either hold your pups when we are done, or to take them home, trust me engagement sessions aren't as entertaining for them when they aren't the center of attention.

Lastly, we are always here for any questions and to give all the advice to help your engagement session go as smoothly and as fun as possible. We have plenty of locations we use regularly but we are always up for an adventure! If your not sure about your outfits, send us a pic! We will be glad to help you choose!